„One of the most creative and productive jazz musicians within Austria



-guitar artist-


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Worked with ...

Toots Thielemans, Lou Rawls, Clark Terry, The Supremes & Joe Zawinul.

Edu Lobo, Harry Sokal, Michel Legrand, Harry Belafonte, Kai Winding, Toni Lakatos, Catarina Valente, Gloria Gaynor & Gilbert Becaud.

Barry Manilow, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jerry Lewis, Jose Carreras, Dorretta Carter, Mainstreet, Willy Ketzer & Lionel Lodge ...

"Music Without Bounderies" (Ukrain) guitarist, composer, arranger, producer.

Supremes musical director, guitarist, arranger.

Gloria Gaynor musical director, guitarist, arranger.

Yacazu co-leader, guitarist, composer, arranger, producer.

Brassbabies & Rhythmkids guitarist, producer, composer, arranger.

Enfant Terrible guitarist, composer, producer, arranger.

Vienna Big Band Machine guitarist, composer, arranger, producer.

Gina Charito (Band & CD) leader, guitarist, composer, producer, arranger.

Ostinato co-leader, arranger, guitarist, composer, producer.

ORF Big Band guitarist, composer, arranger, producer.

Scope (Holland) band leader, guitarist, composer, producer.


"Smoothly Going Down"









In these projects I basically use my Jazz guitars, preferable the Gibson L5, but sometimes also the Gibson 335 or the my 70ties Epiphone Emperor. To play the melodies with a fat Jazz tone, and to play light and groovy riffs is fun. And many people feel and like this kind of stuff.

Willi Langer was and still is the favorite bass player for this. The right drummers are Tommy Böröcz, Joris Dudli, Oliver Gattringer or Christian Lettner.

I played this music in the 80s live in clubs like „Roter Engel“, „America Latina“, „Opus One"or „Jazz by Freddy“. Vocal guests were Alee Thelfa or Rebecca (Kolland).






rens newland as soloist




Seit nunmehr 40 Jahren gilt Ostinato als das österreichische Aushängeschild für Funk-, Fusion- und Latinjazz!

Stets inspiriert vom Geist der Zeit sind bis heute sieben Alben und ein "Best Of" erschienen. Mitte der 70er wurde diese Formation von Tommy Böröcz als Drummer und Claudius Jelinek als Gitarrist und Namensgeber gegründet. Die weiteren Mitglieder waren Hannes Seidl an den Tasten, der später auch bei der österreichischen Popband Minisex spielte, und Gogo Weinberger als Bassist. In weiterer Folge wurde mit dem damals noch sehr jungen Talent Andi Steirer an den Percussions der für dieses Land einmalig neue Sound perfekt.




Horst Michael Schaffer . trumpet and fluegelhorn

Andi See . alto saxophone

Christian Maurer . tenor and soprano saxophone

Martin Wss . keyboards and grand piano

Robert Riegler . electric bass

Andi Steirer . percussion

Rens Newland . electric & acoustic guitars

Tommy Brcz . drums

Riff Stuff


Saxomatic House

Newspaper Dream


Mood Improver

Fonk Is Our Fate



Rens Newland Band

feat.gloria gaynor

End of the 1990s I was asked by Carl Urasch of the GLP Management to build and lead a band for the European concerts of Gloria Gaynor and for the Supremes as well. Basically we took the most of the members of Count Basic, which at the time was also managed by Georg Leitner Productions

So the basic line-up was Dirk Erchinger  D, Willi Langer B, Dieter Kolbeck P, Bumi Fian TP, Martin Fuss Sax, Christian Radovan TB, and me on guitar. Additionally, we had Luis Ribeiro on Perc. as well as on background vocals: Iris Wiesner (Irida), Sumitra and Betty Semper)  The first concert was in Switzerland, and in the next about ten years we did dozens of big concerts  with Gloria in Europe, Africa and  Asia (the Middle East ): Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark (Copenhagen) , Greece, Morocco (Casablanca), Dubai (the Emirates) and of course many in Austria und Germany. Sometimes we had substitutions in the line-up: on the late Drums - Oliver Gattringer (was even more often by him) or Christian Ziegelwanger. Bass: - Peter Gruber or Rue Kostron. Percussion - Stephan Maaß. Trumpet - Josef Burchartz. Franz Weyerer, Sax - Thomas Faulhammer, Stephan Öllerer, Trombone -Dominik Stöger, Werner Wurm Piano - Hannes Oberwalder, vocals - Jacqueline Patricio, Stella Jones, Tini Kainrath, Kim Cooper, Lynne Kieran. Andy Gabauer..

Around 2010 the idea came up, to make some recordings with Gloria and the Band. So I started thinking and composing....one very fitting song came out of this process: "Love Life". Gloria liked the song very much, but pity enough it never came to a recording because of organizational topics and the clearing of rights and finances....

That was practically also the time of the end of the cooperation with Gloria Gaynor (for other reasons...management and money) and the beginning of the independent life of the Rens Newland Band! I decided to use that song to feature another singer and soon I found and composed enough songs and lead vocalists to make a whole album: "Groove Generation" was born!

feat. Tini Kainrath, Chris Kisielewski, Stella Jones, Jacqueline Patricio, Andi Gabauer & more

All my life I was bounced back and forth between Jazz and Pop:

The first song I played on the guitar was "When The Saints", then I spent years with Beatles etc.. A few later my father brought a Jazz sampler from N.Y.

and I was fascinated by Charlie Parker and all these guys. In the same period I checked Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple, my band at the time played like this.

After that I was lucky to be able to play with Scope, a bunch of real good Jazz musicians; but this was in the beginning of the Fusion era, so we combined anyhow influences of Jazz, Funk and Rock! My next milestone was to play in the professional ORF Big Band, a Jazz band, so I could play from Be Bop to Bossa!

BUT: we also had to do these TV shows and recordings with lots of Pop. The same in the following period, when I did lots of studio work and commercials.

My own projects (combos under my name, Ostinato, Enfant Terrible..) were mainly Jazz or Fusion, but then again for example in working with Mr. Lionel Lodge

(who wrote half of the lyrics for this album by the way) I got into a Rock direction again! This all led logically into me being on stage with the great Gloria Gaynor,

playing big stages with my funky guitar and also doing the (basically European) musical direction and arranging for her. Here and at several other situations,

like playing musicals or miscellaneous concerts, I got to know a lot of great singers. So I had the inspiration to put my own ideas and compositions into a real poppy

FUNK & DISCO project with all these soloists. What you’re having in your hands now - and hopefully getting into your ears - is the result of gathering this material

over the last years! I hope you enjoy the songs, they try to make your day a bit better!

Rens Newland



Rens Newland Band

Groove Generation

Featured musicians:

Willi Langer: bass,

Oliver Gattringer: drums

Christoph Schoedl: drums

Christian Lettner: drums

Gerri Schuller: keyboards

Ray Leslee: grand piano

Martin Wöss: keyboards

Maggie Faltin: back vocals

Rebecca Kolland: back vocals

Violins: Nicolas Geremus (Concertmaster)

Michaela Wild, Wei Ping Li, Russel Mcgregor, Patricia Kopacinskaya, Walter Ebenberger, Martin Klimek, Renate Buchmann, Piroska Batori, Emanuel Schulz, Lukas Raab

Violas: Michael Buchmann, Wolfgang Prohaska

Celli: Christian Schulz, Melissa Coleman, Merike Hilmar, Birgit Dormayr, Christoph Unterberger

Double Bass: Bernhard Ziegler

Rens Newland: all guitars, programming, keyboards, back vocals

Michaela Brezovsky: back vocals

Peter Duke: back vocals

Luis Ribeiro: percussion

Patrice Heral: congas, tablas, kratsch, derbuka

Flip Philipp: vibraphone, programming,

                            triangle, cowbells

Josef Burchartz: trumpet

Martin Fuss: alto/tenor sax

Christian Radovan: trombone

Dominik Stöger: trombone

SOULBROTHERS feat. Sheila Fernandez

MOVE THAT THING feat. Stella Jones

LADYBIRD feat. Cedric Hayman

SWEET SOUL feat. Anzo

Rens Newland “Blues Indeed”

Feat. Ric Toldon

Rens Newlands Wurzeln liegen im 1960er Blues, dem Electric Blues von John Mayall,

Eric Clapton und in Holland von Cuby & the Blizzards oder Living Blues. Er hat in all seinen spteren Projekten und Stilen immer versucht, dieses tiefe Gefhl in der Musik zu bewahren. Es war dann auch kein großer Sprung nun darauf zurckzukommen und ein Blues-Album zu machen. Er und sein Freund Peter Gruber (Bassist) haben in den letzten Jahren immer wieder darber gesprochen, dass sie so ein Projekt gemeinsam machen sollten! Jetzt in den Corona-Zeiten haben sie es endlich geschafft. Den richtigen Snger zu finden ist nicht einfach, aber sie haben ihn gefunden:

Ric Toldon (auch Percussionist) ist ein cooler Amerikaner mit super Stimme, der in Wien lebt, der sogar Jimi Hendrix persnlich kennengelernt hat und z.B. dabei war in Woodstock und als die Stones in den USA spielten. Als Schlagzeuger war der junge Simon Springer ihre erste Wahl, ebenso Rens‘ Hauptkeyboarder Martin Wss

fr die Piano- und Synthie-Ergnzungen. Der Grundsound baut natrlich auf Mr. Newlands Gitarren auf. Hier verwendete er einige seiner liebsten Instrumente, wie Gibson ES 335 und L5, Fender Strato und Tele...Die Tracks zeigen die breiten Mglichkeiten des Blues in Form und Klang: Delta Blues, Funkblues, Jazzblues, Rockblues, Acoustic Blues und mehr. Ein paar Instrumentalstcke gehren natrlich auch zum Konzept! Die gesamte Musik stammt vom Bandleader, wie auch die meisten Texte. Einige Texte sind von Ric Toldon, wie „Sneeky C“, zynisch und mit Humor.

Smoke on the water


Mercedes Benz


The bright side of life

Jerry Pfister- tp

Horst Hausleitner- sax & klar.

Rens Newland - banjo & git.

Tom Henkes - dr

Markus Weissenbach- Tuba

Franz Grieslero - Tuba

Produced by Rens Newland



Eine musikalische Begegnung von zwei “Welten”: die Kontinente Europa und Afrika, wobei Rens Newland eher den europischen Jazz und Rock vertritt,

Cloud Tissa den Afrobeat und Ragga! Auch Latin Beats (die ja in Amerika auch als Mischung von Euro- und Afro-Einflssen entstanden!) sind ein Bestandteil dieser interessanten, positiven und variationsreichen Mixtur! ber einige Jahre hat Rens Musik aus seinen vielen Schtzen herausgesucht (oder auch neu komponiert), die geeignet sein knnte fr den Ragga Style von Cloud. Der wiederum schrieb Texte dazu und so entstanden langsam jede Menge Songs, mehr als genug fr ein Album.

Der Sound wird, ausser von der Stimme, von Cloud durch die Gitarren von Rens Newland bestimmt. Aufregende Beats (vom Drumcomputer, aber auch vom echten Schlagzeug, bei fast allen Stcken!) sind eine Selbstverstndlichkeit. Feine vokale Gäste runden die Sache perfekt ab!

Big City Beauty

Having Some Fun Remix

It’s Friday Remix

Love Talk



Lead Vocals: Cloud Tissa

Back & Guest Leadvocals: Maggie Faltin

All guitars, keyboard & percussion programming, arrangements & engineering: Rens Newland

Guest Leadvocals:

Denise de Macedo, Risasi, Christine Brezovsky

Remixes by Provoke

Produced by Rens Newland, co-produced by Cloud Tissa

All Titles published by Jive Music austria

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„Scope III“ (only digital)

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 Rens Newland

„Acoustic Daydreams“ (CD)

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 Rens Newland & Brassbabies + Rhythmkids

„Manchildparty“ (CD)

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Coollikamoddafokka“ (CD)

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 Rens Newland

„Fonk is my fate“ (CD)

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 Lionel Lodge & Rens Newland

„Sailing to the Sirens“ (CD)

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 Rens Newland & Groovit

„!Move that thing“ (CD)

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 Rebecca Kolland  meetz  Rens Newland

„The Bliss“ (CD)

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 Christine Brezovsky  (& the Rens Newland Band)

„STRONG!“ >the newland trax < (CD)

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 Rens Newland with the 22nd Line Circus

"Freedom Street Parade" (CD)

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 OSTINATO recaptured by Tommy Böröcz & Rens Newland

"Best Of Vinyl & Live" (CD)

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„BabyBeat“ (CD) New release 2017

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„Pump up the horns“ (CD)

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„Modern line event“ (CD)

Not available!


 Rens Newland

(about) Sexy Jazz(CD)

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 Enfant Terrible

„Freedom For Everybody“

Not available!


 Kai Peterson & rens newland mixtett (featuring: Peter Petrell, Gina Schwarz)

"A Little Bit Of Hope" (CD)

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 Rens Newland /GeeBeeDee Trio (featuring: Wolfi Rainer, Andy Mayerl)

"AlgoRhythm" (CD)

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 Vienna Dixie Cats  featuring: Rens Newland(g), Jerry Pfister (tp), Horst Hausleitner(sx), Tom Henkes(dr), Markus Weissenbach(tuba), Franz Griesler(tuba)

"The Bright Side Of Life" (CD)

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"STILL FUNKY after all these years" (CD)

The new studio recordings!

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The great funkband of Rens Newland uses to tour with the Supremes for Gloria Gaynor, here with own works, with gorgeous singers - meeting point: Vienna!

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 Myroslav Levytsky(p-Ukrain) and Rens Newland(g-Austria) are both great personalities on their instruments, this is the very interesting and sensitive duo meeting of their two worlds!

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 RENS NEWLAND BAND Raggamuffin & Rap & Afrobeat meet European Jazz & Latinbeat. Groovy with fine vocal guests.


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 Ostinato has gained an established name in European Funk, Fusion and Latin Jazz. The jubilee album contents exclusively original compositions and all the aspects of the typical Ostinato Sound are represented.

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 Rens Newland RENEW Qtet

"Listen to your Ears" (CD)

 A great guitar album with a big spectrum of songs and sounds. Jazz from groovy to cool. Sax as a steady participant. And a superb rhythm group.

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 Rens Newland    


 For me this is a very emotional and important project These are pieces dedicated to my children (3) and my grandchildren (9). With a vspecial composing system I melody modules, blocks or modules (how you like to call it), constructed out of their names Additionally I tried to weave their personalities, their characters, music tastes and moods into the compositions and arrangements. The musical styles go from Funk and Jazz to Rock and Hip-Hop, but all in my range of taste! Again I used a lot of different guitars out of my collection to get the right sound to each vision.

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 Rens Newland    

"Tribe Trio Tracks" (CD)

 These are basically trio versions of all the songs from my former "solo" album "Family Trax", which are dedicated to my people (my tribe). Here on these recordings we get it all a little more powerful, groovy and vivid by the added drums (one of the last recordings of Oliver Gattringer- he died 2022) and bass (Willi Langer). It brings up other essences of the characters he describes here. it's an unusual idea indeed to release two different versions of the same material! But it worked!

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 Rens Newland


My roots were in the 1960s Blues, the Electric Blues of John Mayall, Eric Clapton and in Holland Cuby & the Blizzards or Living Blues. and I always tried to keep this deep music feeling in all the projects and styles I did in the meantime, it was no big jump to get back into that and make a Blues album.

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 Rens Newland

„Singles, Grooves & Memories“ (CD)

This here is my big journey through time, from 1974 to 2022. Singles recorded by me, most of them my originals. From collaborations with Scope (Netherlands/Germany), to OSTINATO or Fuse Bluezz project (Vienna, Austria).

For all Information and Samples click here!

Hear now!


 Tommy Böröcz & Rens Newland

OSTINATO  „The Miles Mode“ (CD)

As one of the pioneers in the European Jazz Rock/Fusion Jazz movement in the 70s, of course OSTINATO was also inspired by Miles Davis.

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Hear now!


 CD, Richard Oesterreicher, "Be Happy": guitarist, composer, arranger, co-producer

 CD, Gina Charito, "The other side of me": several titles guitarist, 1 title arranger & programmer


 CD, Vienna big band machine, "Vienna Big Band Machine": guitarist, 4 titles composer & co-producer, arranger, 2 titles text writer


 Maxi CD, Christine Jones, "Very sometimes people": guitarist, arranger, producer

 Maxi CD, Christian Attersee & Christine Jones, "Weihnachten zu Zweit": guitarist, arranger, programmer, co-producer

 CD, Vienna Symphony Dreams, "Musik zum träumen": all titles guitarist, 1 title composer

 CD, Niki Friesenbichler, "Heimat": composer, arranger, guitarist, programmer, producer

 CD, Magic Sound, "The Real Mix": all titles guitarist, 1 title composer

 CD, Doktor Zach, "Graue Mauern": guitarist, arranger, programmer, co-producer


CD, Willi Langer, "The colours of the octopus": several titles guitarist

CD, Ernst Lamprecht, "Open air": guitarist


Maxi CD, Harry Kucera, "Ay, Ay, Ay, ich will nur baden geh'n": guitarist

Maxi CD, Andrea Anschi, "Dialog im dunkeln": guitarist

CD, The Austrian Radio Orchestra, "Romantic symphony": several titles guitarist, 2 titles composer


CD, Martin Fuss, „Vienna soul station“: guitar


CD Max, Nagl, "Daily bullet": Bizzy Man Studio (partly)


CD, Logic, "Networks": 1 title guitarist, composer, arranger, programmer, producer, engineer


 CD, Sigi Finkel & African Heart, "Heartbeat": Bizzy Man Studio (partly)

 CD, JAQ, "Silent night": some titles guitarist, grfx

 CD, Halamasch '98, 1 title (Gina Charito): composer, arranger, programmer, producer

 CD, Das Kaiserwaldecho, "Nur dahoam ist es schön": 1 title composer, text writer


Maxi CD, Lionel Lodge "You're all I want": guitarist, arranger, programmer, co-producer

 CD, Another Dixie Band, „And now for something completely different!“:


 Maxi CD, Natascha & Peter Wood, "Treasures of light": guitarist, arranger, programmer, engineer

 Maxi CD, Level 4, "Nothing's gonna change my love 4 u": 2 titles guitarist, programmer, arranger, co-producer

 CD, Austropop 2000, "Die neue Generation": 1 title guitarist, composer, texter, arranger, pro- grammer, engineer, producer

CD, Al Reifert, „Traffic Jam Session“: guitarist


 Maxi CD, Braty Bluzu, "Vienna Woods": gui-tarist, 1 title engineer & co-producer

 CD, Willi Langer, "The course of life": 6 titles guitarist, co-arranger, co-programmer, horns & strings arranger, co-producer, grfx


 CD, Reuben J. Silverbird, "Indian circle": guitarist, arranger, programmer, co-producer


CD, Lionel Lodge, "IT'S NOT MY FAULT (THE LIONEL TRAIN)": gui-tarist,

 CD, Willi Langer, "The course of life": 6 titles guitarist, co-arranger, co-programmer, horns & strings arranger, co-producer, grfx

CD, Alex Ehrenreich, „L`Image 2002“: gutiarist


 CD, Martin Fuss, „Compared to what“: guitar


CD, Josef Burchartz, „Every breath I take“: guitar arrangement coproduction/recording


CD, Braty Bluzu, „The City that never sleeps“: guitar


CD, Andi Steirer, „Perc house X (Digital E.P.)“: guitar


CD, Andi Steirer, „Trance of Noiz“: guitar, composer, co-producer

CD, Susan Blake, „Love won´t wait“: guitarist


CD, Willi Langer „grounded“: guitar, arrangement, co-production

Orange house Studio

 Das Tageslicht-Studio verwendet den Tascam DM24 Mixer in Verbindung mit Logic auf Apple Mac Pro

 Der Regieraum ist ca. 25 qm.

 - 1 Aufnahmeraum ca. 35 qm mit Flügel (Toyo=Yamaha Bruder-3 Pedale) für Solo oder kleine Kombo-Aufnahmen

 - 1 großer Aufnahmeraum ca. 40 qm für ganze Bands mit extra Verstärkerräumen

 - 1 mittlerer Aufnahmeraum ca. 15 qm z.B. für Drums (ganz getrennt)

 - 1 mittlerer Aufnahmeraum ca. 12 qm z.B. für Horns oder Voc (ganz getrennt)

- 1 Kaffee/Bier -Küche und ein Büro/Aufenthaltsraum

Das Studio wird für Eigenproduktionen von Rens Newland verwendet:

Newland Brezovsky Band, Yacazu, Lionel Lodge / Rens Newland, Gina Charito, Groovit, Rebecca, Enfant Terrible mit Bumi Fian, Fonky World, Cloud Tissa, Marija de Silva, Christine Brezovsky, Ostinato, Vienna Dixie Cat, Renew Qtet, Fuse Bluezz w. Ric Toldon and more

 Und es gibt Kapazität für Fremdproduktionen:

Flipotronics, Sigi Finkel, Max Nagl, Chico Freeman, Hans Salomon, Lionel Train, Heinz von Hermann, Joschi & Diknu Schneeberger, DeWieners, Klaus Dickbauer, Wolfgang Haffner, Rebekka Bakken, Alex Eherenreich, Lady P, Filmmusik, Christian Havel, Lady Rock, Willi Langer, Maggie Faltin, Werbung and more

Das Studio am puls der zeit

für Musiker, die sich evt. gerne von einem erfahrenen und bewanderten Arrangeur und Produzenten betreuen lassen wollen

Nicht nur mit Jazz-Produktionen, aber auch vor allem mit Vocal- und Chorarrangements (Mainstreet, Werbung, u.v.a.) und Bläser- und Orchester-arrangements (Werbung, Ostinato, ORF-Shows, Gloria Gaynor, u.v.a.) hat sich Rens Newland einen Namen gemacht und immer wieder sind Kunden verblüfft, was man mit seinem Fachwissen zusätzlich erreichen kann! Selbstverständlich sind wir informiert und auch am Computer ganz vif und am Puls der Zeit für Hip-Hop, Dance, Jungle, Ragamuffin oder Acid-Jazz Produktionen.

Cool recording in a warm atmosphere!


  • Gibson L5
  • Gibson ES 335
  • Gibson ES 175
  • Gibson SG
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom
  • Fender Strat
  • Furch Archtop Jazz guitar
  • Gretsch Archtop Jazz guitar
  • Loreen (handmade) super funky disco Strat
  • Parker Fly
  • Parker PM-20 Pro
  • Martin Steelstring DC 16GTE
  • Borys Halbakustik
  • Takamine Stahl 2x
  • Takamine Nylon 2x
  • Ibanez Akustik 12-String
  • Hohner Elecric 12-String
  • Ovation Stahl
  • Morris Nylon
  • Alhambra Nylon
  • Banjo (Jaja!)
  • Mandoline (Oh no!)



  • Marshall,
  • Sinnl & Hanten 8-fach Röhren-Vorstufe,
  • Line 6 Flexatone & POD, POD2, Pod HD
  • Roland GT-6 Effect Unit,
  • Polytone,
  • Hughes & Kettner,
  • 2 Roland Cube 60,
  • Roland SuperCube 60
  • Roland BassCube 60
  • Lab-series L9
  • Harley Benton


 Plug-in Guitar solutions:


 Line 6

Mr. Newland steht auch mit einer seiner Super-Gitarren inkl. Geschmack und Können für die Aufnahmen zu Verfügung!

Einige technische Daten:

  • DM 24 24-Kanal Mixer
  • Apple Mac Pro 2020
  • EXS 24-Bit Sampler
  • Lexicon + TC + div. andere Halls
  • TL Audio Compressoren
  • Furman Compressor
  • Für Analog freaks: Nordlead, Waldorf Synth
  • Kurzweil Synthies
  • ENSONIQ Sampler + riesen Soundbibliothek


  • Intellifex
  • Furman compr.
  • Roland GP-8



u.a. B&W(!)

GENELEC (inkl. Subwoofer)



  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann 103
  • jede Menge AKG 414
  • Solid Tubes
  • AKG C-4000
  • ES 400
  • Shure SM 57/58


Unmengen an Plug-Ins, wie Waves, Omnisphere, Native Instruments Komplete, Vienna Symphony Instruments and more

Div. Soundmodule Roland, Korg, Yamaha, , Tascam DAT, Sony DAT, MD Mastering SW vorhanden.


Inklusive Techniker (technische und musikalische Beratung von Mr. Newland persönlich!)

 -Pro Stunde: € 50, - (+MWST)

Ohne Techniker

 -Pro Stunde: € 35, - (+MWST)





 +43 699 11406098