Album "Listen to your Ears" 

Cover and Press Pictures

Sommer 2018

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rens newland, photo by 

gabriele roithner 

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by rens newland, 

photo by Ziggy Miller

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 Song for Astrid

Song for Dietz

Song for Rosy

Song for Youri

Song for Rene


(Hafen Open Air) 

August 2010

MM marianne mendt Festival 

(St. Pölten - EGON) 

 Rens Newland with 22nd Line Circus

September 2006

Vienna Schrasade (Prater)

 (Christine Brezovsky & Rens Newland Band)

August 2005

Martin Fuss, Niki Friesenbichler, Werner Wurm

Germany tour (Musical moments)

February 2005

Rens Newland with bassmate Willi Langer

Jesper Tydén, Anna Montanaro, Marika Lichter, Uwe Kröger 

Vienna (Gloria Gaynor concert)

September 2004

Gloria Gaynor (Spain, Marbella)

July 2001

Band introduction ("Riff Stuff" by Rens Newland)

Kolbeck, Newland, Sumitra, Iris Wiessner, Chr. Radovan

Gloria Gaynor (Donau-Insel-Fest)

June 2001

Mister Bumi Fian in action

„Art On Ice“ with Gloria Gaynor (Zürich) 

Januari 2001

Gina Charito & Rens Newland Band (Duft-Award)

June 2000